Saturday, May 5, 2012

Breaking News: "Clash of Eagles" by Sebastian P. Breit IndieGoGo Campaign

Sebastian P. Breit, also known as War Blogger, is a friend and contributor to Weekly Update.  Now he needs our help to raise money to finish writing his new novel Clash of EaglesClash is the sequel to his debut alternate history novel Wolf Hunt, which follow the story of a naval task force from our near future being sent back in time to the middle of World War II.  Here is the description of Clash:

Adolf Hitler is dead. The Führer of Nazi Germany has been brought down by a bold attack, led by the mastermind of Germany's military intelligence organization, the Abwehr, Wilhelm Canaris. But Canaris did not act on his own. Soldiers - men and women - from the future, flung back in time by a strange tempest, fought at the conspirators' side. The course of history has been changed.

But not all is well.

The Nazis are shocked and battered, but far from beaten. Reinhard Heydrich, the head of the Nazi security apparatus and new self-proclaimed Reichsführer, is gathering his forces as occupied Europe finds itself cut in half, embroiled in a German civil war.

With Germany in disarray, Italy's fascist leaders are seeking glory and conquests of their own. Across the Channel, Churchill's Britain stands undefeated and defiant, confident that the time has come to turn the tides of this war.

And while the United States stands as a distant towering giant, with "Uptimers" of its own working to prepare it for the coming struggle, the realization of those in Germany that there is more than one devil (and he may come offering gifts) may just propel their fellowship into a precipice...

Sound interesting?  Well if you want to see it get published, go to Indiegogo and help Seb raise some money.  Depending on how much you donate, Seb will give you certain perks ranging from a signed copy of Wolf Hunt to an important secondary character being named after you in Book 3.  If you cannot donate any money, please help spread awareness of Seb's campaign by sharing a link to the campaign site with your friends.

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Mitro is founder, editor and contributor of Alternate History Weekly Update. When he is not busy writing about his passion for alternate history, he spends his time working as a licensed attorney in the state of Illinois and dreams of being a published author himself one day.


  1. Thanks so much, Mitro. ;)

  2. I've bought Wolf Hunt, so will read over the next few days. Looks interesting - a new take on the genre.


  3. "Italy's fascist leaders are seeking glory and conquests of their own."
    Just shows the author doesn´t know jack s***, the Kingdom of Italy would be utterly f*** on its own, Mussolini would be most certainly overthrowed!
    Also, nothing would stop the Soviet Union and UK from forcing Romania into an oil embargo and occupy East Prussia, Stalin would then generously allow RAF bases there for operations against German shipping in the Baltics.
    Germany would quickly end up split between a British zone and a far greater Soviet zone in 1942, time travellers having to flee to Vichy France... -)


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