Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Update #46

Editor's Note

If I can take a moment for some shameless self-promotion: my short story "The Enchanted Bean" has been sent to Echelon Press for review.  Now I am awaiting to hear back from the editor.  In the meantime I have returned to writing my other short story "Diary from Hell" that I plan to submit to Dark Moon Digest for their horror anthology.  Stay tuned.

Remember I am still looking for entries to our Banner Contest.  If you are artistically inclined, please submit your designs for our banner.

The blog got its first readers from Ecuador and the Isle of Man.  Welcome!

And now the news...

New Poll

I have often used Weekly Update to test new ideas that sometimes evolve into their own independent series.  For example, the very popular Showcase series got its start as a segment of a Weekly Update post.  Now I have three new ideas for an independent series, but I am letting you choose which one moves to the big leagues.  Here are the options:
  • Submissions Wanted: Where I present opportunities to submit works of alternate history to publishers.
  • Coming Soon/New Releases: Where I present new/upcoming alternate history books, comics, games, films and television shows.
  • Convention Watch: Where I present info about conventions and other real life events where you can geek out about alternate history.
If you have your own ideas for a new series, please email me at

More Shattered World ebooks published

Bobby Hardenbrook announced on his blog:

The next two ebooks are now published on the Amazon kindle store. This brings the series up to date with all the existing content from the original timeline. I'll now begin working on the next ebook with new material and I'll post samples on here as I go. I'll eventually be publishing on the nook store as well but I need to wait awhile since my publishing terms with Amazon require that I wait 3 months before publishing anywhere else.

The titles of the news books are Shattered World: Total War and Shattered World: World in Flames. Expect a review of the first ebook in the series from me in the near future.

Links to Multiverse


Steampunking History by Suzanne Lazear at Steamed!


Renowned writer Alan Moore pens huge book based in historic area of Northampton by Nicole Le Marie at Northampton Chronicle.

What Happens on the Titanic Stays on the Titanic: An Interview with David Kowalski at Fantasy Matters.


Baen Teacher’s Guide to 1636: The Kremlin Games by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett.

Book Quotes to Find Your Next Read by Candace at She Knows Book Lounge (includes excerpt from The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen).

New Blaylock steampunk novel for Titan by Katie Allen at The Bookseller.

Now recruiting – US-based Sales & Marketing Manager by Marco at Angry Robot.


Exclusive: DC Comics Releases New "Before Watchmen" Details by Valerie Gallaher at MTV Geek.


Excellent alternate history films by James Clayton at Den of Geek!

Video Games

Gratuitous Tank Battles Pre-Orders Open, Beta Access Details by Gamers Daily News.

Space Dog Fights Soviet Union In Laika Believes by Pete Haas at Gaming Blend.


An alternate history map of North America at Cartophile.

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