Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breaking News: Banner Contest

Alternate History Weekly Update would like to announce a new contest for anyone with some graphics skill.  As the blog grows and evolves we believe it is now time that we get a new banner for the top of the page.  Right now it is just a large line of text, but we are hoping for something more artistic.

If you wish to submit a banner of your design, here are the guidelines:
  • You must incorporate "Alternate History Weekly Update" into the design.  Script and look is up to you, but the name of the blog must be clearly visible.
  • Colors are up to you, although I am partial to the blue and white backgrounds of the blog.
  • Nothing offensive or copyrighted.
  • There is no deadline.  The winner will be notified by email before the banner is posted on the blog. 
The creator of the chosen design will be announced in a special post after the banner is posted. If you have any questions or wish to submit an entry, please email me at ahwupdate@gmail.com.  Best of luck to all who are interested and I look forward to seeing your work!

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