Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breaking News: Goodreads Offers a Chance to Win a Free Copy of "The Company of the Dead"

I was checking out the Titan Books website and I came upon this contest to get a free copy of The Company of the Dead by .  Those interested need to go to the novel's Goodreads page and enter to win there.  You have until March 10th and if you do not already have a Goodreads account, you are going to need to sign up for one.  [Editor's Note: Also this offer is only open to residents of the US, UK and Canada].

I am reading the novel at the moment and though a full review will probably not be ready until next week, I have to say I am enjoying it.  In fact I was quite peeved when I could not read it on the train this morning due to some excessively noisy passengers.  So I do recommend you sign up for the chance to win a free copy.

Good luck!

* * *

Mitro is founder, editor and contributor of Alternate History Weekly Update. When he is not busy writing about his passion for alternate history, he spends his time working as a licensed attorney in the state of Illinois and dreams of being a published author himself one day.


  1. Note for our intl. readers: the giveaway is restricted to the USA, UK and CA!

  2. You are right WB. I should have added that to the post.