Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Airship Update #9

Some technical problems stopped me from posting yesterday, but that will not stop the airships from soaring (or maybe not).  Now more wonderful news from those whales of the skies...

A new generation of British-built airships may be bought by the Royal Navy to resupply ships, follwoing their use by the US Army on the front line in Afghanistan.  The Ministry of Defense, however, denies having any plans for purchasing military airships.

Solar Ship proposes a new solar hybrid airship that could be the key to green travel in the Great White North.
The newest arrival in the National Air and Space Museum’s inventory of historic aircraft is the C-49 airship control car...

Links in the Air

Comedy inspired by 'flying Titanic' at This is Nottingham.

Issue 174 of the Airship Journal is now available

M1400 Airship Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulator (HILSim) at MAV6.

The U.S.S. Macon's fateful flight by Andy Stiny at The Californian.\

World Surveillance Group Chairman and CEO Outline Strategic 2012 Goals Following Recent $5.5 Million Investment at Market Watch.

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