Monday, August 4, 2014

Map Monday: Pasadena-D by David Johnson

This Map Monday is brought to you by David Johnson. If you have your own maps you would like to submit, let us know at ahwupdate at gmail dot com.

"Pasadena-D" is a timeline (as seen here on my website...along with a lot of other stuff) where the U.S. got a lot of bad breaks - no Lincoln, a more revengeful Reconstruction, multiple Presidents during the Great Depression and no WWII to have a boom afterwards. Thus, in a lot of ways, it is several decades behind our U.S.

The first map "Freeways Schematic", a simplified road map of major highways in the Los Angeles Basin, reflects this:
Fewer freeways, no Eisenhower Interstate plan (so Route 66 is still the big road east/west), population of California is about 2/3s OTL (no WWII for troops to come through on their way to the Pacific and go "hey, this place is great. Maybe I'll move here after the war..."). Along with highways, the MTA in the area also runs several trolley lines. "Metro Schematic" shows this:
And since WWII didn't move them out, and the economy hasn't done well enough for the massive port expansion of OTL, the Japanese village on Terminal Island remained, eventually becoming the full city of "Furusato," which is what the final two maps show, one showing the cities:
And the other in a "Google Maps" format:

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