Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Update #154

Editor's Note

Two apologies today. First up, sorry for trolling all of my American viewers on the 4th. I still thought it was funny.

Second, sorry for the lack of content last week. Things sort of fell apart, but I am hoping for a better week this week. Remember, I did warn you that due to my upcoming move that I would be disappearing for stretches of time.

One more random thought: man is my lap top filthy.

And now the news...

Titan Book Acquires The LA Trilogy by Adam Christopher

Titan Books has acquired Adam Christopher's The LA Trilogy which is set in an alternate 1960s Los Angeles and stars a robot detective and his boss. The deal was struck between Titan Editor Natalie Laverick and Stacia Decker at the Donald Maass Literary Agency. The trilogy is inspired by Raymond Chandler's parody of science fiction in a letter to his agent, from whence Christopher's protagonist was born.

Laverick said, "I'm thrilled to be bringing Adam Christopher's robot PI trilogy over to the UK, and I think Ray and Googol will be right at home at Titan, alongside our Hard Case Crime heavy hitters and fresh sci-fi voices."

"I'm chuffed to bits that Raymond Electromatic has found a second home at Titan," says Christopher, celebrating the deal. 'It's going to be a lot of fun bringing his twisted, alt-universe version of Hollywood to life."

Christopher has written other alternate history novels before, including his debut novel, Empire State, which was SciFiNow’s book of the year and a Financial Times book of the year 2012. The first novel in this new trilogy will be published in September 2015. A novelette set in the same universe, titled Brisk Money, is set to be published by Tor on July 23.

Videos for Alternate Historians

Only one video this week. It is a review of Ignition City by Warren Ellis at Pulp Crazy.
If you know of any videos you think I should check out, shoot me a message. I am always on the lookout for good YouTube videos.

Links to the Multiverse


Acquisitions Announcement from Titan Books by darkphoenix1701 at Geek Syndicate.
Excerpt of The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich.
FINALISTS: 2014 Chesley Awards at SF Signal.
Mark Charan Newton on The Fantasy Of Ancient History at SFX.
Norse Fire: The Nazi Civil War of 1991 by Chris Nuttall at The Chrishanger.
REVIEW: 'Archduke Franz Ferdinand Lives!': Counterfactual Examination of a World Without World War I -- and World War II at
Shortlisted for the 2014 Self-Published Book of the Year Award by Alison Morton.
What Is Dieselpunk? by Misty Massey at Magical Words.
What is Punk Fiction? by Stephanie Sauvinet at World Weaver Press.

Counterfactual and Traditional History (Plus News)

Alternate endings: America could be vastly different if Founders had failed by Greg Jordan at Bluefield Daily Telegraph.
Bonnie King Charlie: An Alternate History Speculation by Chris Nuttall at The Chrishanger.
China Seeks Great Power Status After Sea Retreat by David Tweed at Bloomberg.
"Counter-Revolution of 1776": Was U.S. Independence War a Conservative Revolt in Favor of Slavery? at Democracy Now.
Kaaron Warren Celebrates Angry Robot’s 5th Birthday by Naming The 5 Most Horrendous Real People You May Not Have Heard Of (+ Giveaway!) at SF Signal.
These Soviet Concept Vehicles Are Clearly From An Alternate Universe by Vincze Mikl√≥s at io9.
What If America Had Lost the Revolutionary War? by Uri Friedman at The Atlantic.

Film and Television

The 10 Least Terrible Episodes of "The Time Tunnel" by Andy Hughes at Topless Robot.
Fox cancels sexy Egypt fantasy 'Hieroglyph' before premiere by James Hibberd at Entertainment Weekly.
Getting What We Paid For: Penny Dreadful’s Season 1 Finale, “Grand Guignol” by Ryan Britt at Tor.
The Infinite Man Is A Skillfully Amusing Time-Travel Romance by ProjectCyclops at io9.


Dieselpunk RPG InSomnia returns to Kickstarter, and it's not an MMO by Andy Chalk at PC Gamer.
Fox News rips off BioShock Infinite logo, irony ensues by Sam Barsanti at AV Club.


Greg van Eekhout at My Bookish Ways.
Jo Walton at Boing Boing.

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