Monday, June 30, 2014

Map Monday: The Polish Republic by Pischinovski

Since I read a lot of articles this weekend talking about World War I, I decided the best way to mark the anniversary was by showcasing a map where the war (and its sequel) never happened. Specifically, this map:
It is "The Polish Republic" by Pischinovski and is set in the same world as a previous map he made that can be found on deviantart, where you read the background material on his timeline. A quick summary: although World War I as we know it was avoided, there was still a war between German/UK vs. Austria-Hungary/Russia that led to the Polish borders we see before you. So war wasn't technically avoided, but at least we don't see another German-wank stemming from a Central Powers victory.

I am not sold, however, on how powerful Pischinovski makes Poland out to be in this universe. I think Germany would rather have Poland be a strong buffer to Russia instead of allowing it to be the #3 on the continent. I still like this map for its minimalist, black-and-white presentation of alternate Poland. The port on the Black Sea is also a nice touch.

Honorable mentions this week go out to "Gurps Caliph" by Bruce Munro (description here), "TL-441 Lamia et Servitus" by Zauberfloete and "The Most Holy Republic of Israel" by Premiere. If you want to submit a map for consideration for the next Map Monday, email me at ahwupdate at gmail dot com with your map attached and a brief description in the body of the email.

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