Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekly Update #54.1

Editor's Note

Sorry for another link post, but I am still recovering from the weekend.  I promise you will see a post with some more content tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy a Seb review later this afternoon.

Links to the Multiverse


An Alternate History And Future For Vontaze Burfict by Brad Denny at House of Sparky.

Alternate History-Useful tool or waste of time? by Grouchy Historian at Common Sense Barrage.

What is retro futurism? by Annalee Newitz at io9.


By the Blood of Heroes reviewed by Ian Shone for Alt Hist.

Excerpt by The Other Log of Phileas Fogg by Philip Jose Farmer at TG Daily.

Macabre book depicts the vicious creatures Victorians feared were lurking in unexplored corners of the earth by Damien Gayle at Mail Online.

Review of The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle done by Elfy at Travels Through Iest.

Review of Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove done by James R. White at Code 451.

Review of The Mirage by Matt Ruff done by Elfy at Travels Through Iest.


Best Movies Never Made by Film Comment.

Video Games

Bioshock Infinite Delayed Until 2013 by Soulfinger at Geek Syndicate.

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