Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekly Update #48

Editor's Note

Good news everyone.  We beat our monthly page view record again for the sixth time in a row and surpassed 6000 page views.  Our new record is 6344.

Got some good stuff coming this week.  I am going to be interviewing David Kowalski, author of The Company of the Dead, and Matthew Quinn, author of "Coil Gun", will be writing a guest post.  Meanwhile I will be reviewing By the Blood of Heroes and we should have another Chris Nuttall review by this Friday.

We also got our first reader from Antigua and Barbuda.  Welcome!

And now the news...

Submissions Wanted

Do you remember when I reviewed Titan: An Alternate History?  Well the guys who published the comic, Alternate History Comics Inc., are looking for writers and artists.  Check out their submission page if you are interested.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but Fantasy-Faction Anthology is holding a writing contest with a prize of $500 for first place.  Though they are technically looking for fantasy stories, authors who have been searching for a place to publish their steampunk or historical fantasy should check them out.  Word count is 8,000 words max and all submissions are due by June 30th.

As always, good luck.

Matt Ruff on Angry Column and more reviews

Matt Ruff, author of The Mirage, was interviewed by Angry Column.  You can check out the podcast here.  Those looking for more insight on his novel can read Brian's review or check out this review done by Jeff Greenfield, author of Then Everything Changed, at The Washington Post.

Links to the Multiverse


China’s Alternate History of Gadgets by Dave Lyons at

Online Alternate History

An alternate history of UBC’s campus by Justin McElroy at The Ubyssey.

Dedication by Pete Sartucci at SM Stirling Fan Fiction.

Designing from Bones ~ Dead Reckoning by Gene Lempp.

The Era of the Superhuman by Chris Nuttall.

Luke Hutton's Journey by James Reid at SM Stirling Fan Fiction.

A Wasteland Memorial: A 1983 Doomsday Future Tale by mdc1957.

When Trayvon Martin Shot George Zimmerman: An alternate history by Bob Owens.

Video Games

Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Rewrites History; Available for Download at DreamStation.

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  1. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of that contest. I just signed up at the forums; it seems like a good community at first glance.

  2. You're welcome. I'm glad more people are taking advantage of these contests and other opportunities for submissions. Its great to post stories for free on wikis and forums, but if you are good at something, try to get paid for it.


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