Friday, December 9, 2011

Airship Update #4

More from the wide world of airships...

Airship Ventures flight attendant Anthony Dizon enjoys the breeze by sticking his head out the rear window of the Eureka, a commercial zeppelin run that gives tours to paying passengers.

The airship used by Lei Xiang on December 4 to fly 577 meters above the ground to beat the world record set by the BX-2.

The Germany Society for Air and Space Travel held an airship workshop in Aachen, Germany last month.  To coincide with the event, a group of European airship modelers held an "Airship Regatta" at the same time.  Thanks to Up Ship! for informing me us about this event.

Airships, like the one above, may be responsible for carrying cargo in the Arctic as climate change makes ice roads no longer viable.
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