Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Update #120

Editor's Note

So some might have noticed I have been flaky about posting five times a week. Well I am here to tell is only going to get worse.

Sorry guys, something has come up in my life that will be taking me away from the blog for the foreseeable future. Don't worry, it is a good thing and I hope to make an official announcement soon. Until then I will try my best to at least keep the Weekly Update and New Releases posts going and hopefully have one other post for you guys.

And now the news...

Rewrite history with Europa Universalis IV
What's great about grand strategy games like Europa Universalis IV is that it lets you play out your alternate history scenarios in a virtual world. Now your alternate histories can be added to the game itself.

In order to allow players a more direct role in guiding the course of history, Paradox has begun the “Rewrite History Contest” for fans to create their own in-game events and share them with fellow players on the Paradox Interactive Forums. The top suggestions will be selected and officially added to Europa Universalis IV in a forthcoming game update. For full details on the contest, visit their forum.

Here is your chance to leave your mark on video game history.


September 27:  “A Day in the Life” steampunk art show opening at O’Dunn Fine Art, La Mesa, California.

September 28-29: See "Alice in Steampunk Wonderland" in Pittsburg, Kansas.

October 3: Last day to fund Adventures of the League of S.T.E.A.M. Season Three Kickstarter.

October 5: Old Renton Book Exchange will host a steampunk “Sardonic Salon" in Renton, Washington.

October 12-13: International Steampunk City: Steampunk at Speedwell in New Jersey.

October 15: New Orleans by Gaslight launch party at East Bank Regional Library, Metairie, Louisiana.

Links to the Multiverse


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Counterfactual and Real History

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Why Greece Is Not Weimar by Roger Cohen at The Greek Crisis.


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  1. Good to see a new version of EU out - I played the last one a few times. The scale is absolutely vast!